Our Double Glazed uPVC Doors

Why Choose Prenton Glass uPVC Doors?

Provide the perfect welcome to your home by selecting one of Prenton Glass’ highly stylish uPVC double glazed exterior doors with maximum security for added peace of mind.

Our vast selection of external doors ensures there will be a style and colour that’s right for you and your home.

Steel re-inforcement gives the door solid strength and superior stability, whilst extra security is added by using heavy duty hookbolts and deadbolts fixed into the steel-reinforced frames to give you complete peace of mind.

The look and feel of your home says a lot about you. It is very much a statement of your personality and taste. Prenton Glass have the perfect selection of external uPVC double glazed doors in a wide variety of styles and materials to help you achieve the look you are after.

Composite Doors

Our Rockdoor composite doors are solid high security doors that perfectly replicate the look and feel of timber in a low maintenance weatherproof finish that’s guaranteed to last for years.

These beautifully moulded and richly grained doors are available in a range of elegant styles and colours to suit your style and individual taste.


Patio & French Doors

For both aspects, inside & out, a Prenton Glass Patio or French doors add a graceful, luxurious touch to any home or conservatory. Practical and convenient in configuration, there wide opening provides maximum ventilation and unrestricted access – not to mention a wonderful, satisfying view of your garden.

Stylish but also very secure, a Prenton Glass inline patio door is assembled in a way that makes it impossible to remove the sliding door from the outside and anti-lever, anti-lift and multi-point locking devices make a Prenton Glass patio door more than a match for opportunist thieves who often viewrear entrances as an easy route for forced entry into a home.